Our yoga classes are a combination of strength, flexibility, balance & breath work with a focus that is specifically designed for YOUR needs. We customize the practice for YOU, which allows it to be nourishing for your body, mind & soul. When you leave your mat, the practice will have you feeling refreshed, calm and empowered; preparing you for the practice off of your mat and in your life.

Private, Group & Corporate Yoga Classes Available

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Private Yoga Class

Are you feeling stressed out? Does your body hurt when you wake up in the morning? Is it hard to turn your mind off when you are ready to go to sleep? Are you a desk dweller?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then it is time for you to start a yoga practice that is specifically designed for you beginning with a strong foundation.

We will start you off from where you are which will allow you to progress as you become stronger, balanced and flexible.

Beginners to advanced yoga classes

Flex & Stretch

A well-rounded class designed for runners, this practice fuses core principles of mobility & yoga to help develop your flexibility, strength & mental focus.

The class will target areas of the body that are prone to overuse & injury from running by providing a series of low impact stretches, isometric holds & exercises to help lengthen your muscles & restore your body for your next run! 

Outdoor Yoga

Take your yoga practice out of the studio and into nature. Use the elements to find peace, patience and freedom.  The surreal landscape of the Cayman Islands will help you reconnect with yourself and the important things in life.

We offer several beach yoga sessions throughout the week and private SUP Yoga. Get In Touch with us for our locations of beach and sunset yoga. These classes are all levels. Join us whether it is your first or 100th class.  Drop in, weekly rates and privates classes available.

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Kids Yoga

Small group & private classes available. Incorporating yoga into your child’s life from a young age will help set a strong foundation; building strength, balance, courage, flexibility and concentration in their life.

After school and Saturday sessions available. Let us know what is the best time for you and we will customize a fun practice for your little one. Homeschoolers and special needs are welcome.

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