Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming AssociationOur certified swim instructors will travel to your house, condo or hotel pool in Grand Cayman, to teach private-one-on-one, semi private (2 swimmers) or  group swim lessons (3-4 swimmers).  We integrate swimming instruction with water safety and skill development to promote a lifetime filled with safe, fun water activities; where kids learn and love to swim.

Our classes’ range from infants up to adults and from beginners to advanced stroke classes, no matter your age or level, we will bring the love of swimming to you!  We can design a private swim class according to your child’s goals and needs; weather it be basic swim skills, overcoming a fear, pursuing the swim team or fun event.

Each season we have a group swim term which is held on Saturday’s and Sunday’s read more –  GROUP SESSION INFORMATION 



Parent & Me  1, 2 & 3
6 – 35 months

Your child has the potential to become a water baby.  This class will introduce your baby to the water environment and help them exercise their muscles from a young age. Early swimming helps with self-esteem, confidence, coordination and balance.

Babies will learn how to enter and exit the water safely (over 13 months), submerge, and float.  We will splash, kick, sing, and most importantly be safe while having fun! With regular practice, your child will be comfortable and safe in and around the water.

In a group setting a parent is required in the water. Groups are a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6.  We split the ages up accordingly; 6-12 months/12-24 months/24-35months. We ask that you have the baby wear a swim diaper for health concerns  and sanitary purposes in the event there is an accident. 

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Preschool Aquatics  1, 2 & 3
3yrs & up

Our toddler program introduces the aquatic environment to your child without the involvement of the parent in the water.  We focus on positive & playful techniques that promote the learning of basic skill development & water safety in a logical progression format.

With the use of swim belts, noodles, and kick boards, your child will build strength & endurance to help them develop in & out of the water.

Learn To Swim level 1 through 5
 5 yrs & up

We will teach you how to swim skillfully and safely with training in basic water safety. All skills are taught in a logical progression preparing you to swim on your own with no aid. At this level you will develop, improve and refine all four strokes

If your child can already swim 10 meters with no assistance & can demonstrate streamlined position on front and back with knowledge of all four strokes we can take them to the next level. We begin to focus more on stroke enhancement; turns, rhythmic breathing, survival strokes, dives, starts and advanced technique/drills preparing the kids for competitive/recreational swimming.

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Adult Beginners

Our adult program is designed to help you reach your goals no matter what your swimming background is. Teaching you how to move in the water safely. We recommend a private session if you have any fears of the water. Our first stage will allow you to get comfortable in the water by developing breathing, floating, gliding, and kicking techniques which will get you on your way to full swim strokes using swim props.
Most adults will take approximately 12 swim lessons in order to progress to treading water and comfortably swimming with swim props.

Adult – Intermediate

We will teach you more then just the front crawl at this stage. Treading water and stroke enhancement will allow you to progress, strengthening your swimming techniques without swim props will allow you to move from one end of the pool to the other without hesitation and enjoyment. Group or Private lessons recommended

Adult – Advanced (train for a competition – triathlon– sea swim)

This class is designed for adults that have knowledge of all four strokes and who would like to improve their stroke development for pleasure or competitive swimming. We incorporate swim drills to strengthen your butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, front crawl, diving, flip turns and much more.  Weather you are looking to improve you stamina, train for a tri or long sea swim; we can design a practice that is meant for your needs

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